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An implied idea created by the government claiming that the government cannot favor one religion over another, but it favors all other religions BUT Christianity- Hence separation between CHURCH and state.

Another way to give "freedom" to people by taking freedoms away from other groups of people. Takes away people's volition to pray in school because of closed-minded douchebags that can't tolerate the fact that people have the Constitutional right to express their faith how they please. Prayer should never be forced, otherwise it wouldn't be true prayer at all, but people should still have the freedom to do that in a public place. The Government shouldn't determine when and where prayer is necessary; it should be up to the individual to express his/her faith
Man: "Merry Christmas"

Atheist/Agnostic: "You don't have the right to say that. Separation Between Church And State, Moron!"

Man: "According to the 1st Amendment, I do. And Separation Between Church and State is not gonna keep me from expressing my beliefs. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"
by amm1883 August 25, 2010
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