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A young (commonly 11 - 14) female who claims to be a 'fan' of Bring Me The Horizon, when in reality the only Album they know/like is the band's 2013 Album Sempiternal, only like Oli Sykes (lead singer) And ignore te existance of the rest of BMTH. They will get utterly confused if you mention past Albums (when they created Deathcore genre) - This Is What the Edge of Your Seat Was Made For (2004), Count Your Blessings (2006) and Suicide Season (2008). It is advised not to approach them.
BMTH Fan: Look, there goes another Sempiternal Fangirl

Sempiternal Fangirl: omfg Oli Sykes is so f-ing hot, wanna listen to Sempiternal?
by BandsCatsUnicornsAngels October 29, 2015
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