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Sekute™ - pronounced (Seh-Cute) 1. is a positive statement or outlook on oneself and/or others. 2. Meant to embody everything you want to express in your everyday life. 3. It can be used to describe a person, place or thing.

Origin: (United States) is an unique word created and coined by Korporate Kutie® founder/designer, Christan Thorne. Sekute is formed by the union of 2 words: Sexy & Cute (Kute).
Examples That Can Describe Sekute: (Adjectives), sekute™, sexy, cute, beautiful, hot, intelligent, unbelievable, courageous, exquisite, empowering, smart, talented, diva, fabulous, amazing, cheerful, superb, determined, fashionable, engaging, passionate, kind, friendly, confident, strong, positive, magnificent, relentless, loving, resilient, the list go on...

Examples In A Sentence: There is something sekute about you.", "You're sekute in every way.", "You are so sekute!", "You have sekute appeal.", "Thats sekute!", "You look sekute in that dress.", "Thats a sekute statement.", "Those jeans are sekute.", "I live a sekute lifestyle." ...
by K. Kutie aka Sekutee June 18, 2012
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