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The seed of evil is the propensity for a woman to act out in a selfish, harmful manner towards men they are involved in a relationship with. Every woman contains the Seed of Evil, however the degree that the Seed effects a woman varies from case-to-case. Some women only contain the Seed deep down, where it has little effect on their behaviour. These women however do still in fact have the ability to harm a man that cares for her. Other women wear the seed of evil like clothing, and act outlandlishly at all times towards their boyfriends/husbands.

The only known women to not contain the seed of Evil are Grandmothers. It has been scientifically proven that the Seed of evil is washed out of the body during Menopause, and thus, Grandmothers do not act in a harmful way towards any men.
Man, I can't believe what that bitch did to me. She got the Seed of evil for sure

Everything was going great between us, but then she just dumped me out of no where. She is probably fucking someone else. God damn seed of evil
by Lahmead July 14, 2009
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