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Secondary Friends are those friends that only interact with you when their "primary friends" (commonly identified as "new friends" or a new social circle) are not available.
Usually normal friends become secondary friends when the friendship is vanishing, a symptom of a friendship about to end, often caused by aquisition of new contacts and/or diminishing interaction between you. Which sometimes can last years because one or both parties does not want to end it.
A: <insert friend name> rarely talk to me nowadays, but suddenly and randomly starts conversations with me.
B:That means you have become a secondary friend to him. His new friends are probably offline when he talks to you.
by A. Wizard June 24, 2016
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Those people on Facebook chat who show up in the "more online friends" category.
Joe: Yo I was so bored yesterday I had to talk to my Secondary Friends in order to find something to do.

Tom: Ya dude, word.
by sound remedy September 10, 2011
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