A term used by a male to describe a female whom they can engage in sexual activities with immediately upon encountering again. Given one another's previous history the female is generally considered to be sexually at the males disposal. Similar to that of a fuck buddy but not nearly as degrading and more socially acceptable; requires much less commitment with minimal to no strings attached. Often stated to rationalize the amount of sexual control and/or intimate authority that an alpha male has over an inferior female.
"You see that girl over there? Yea I fucked her like 5 years ago in high school and she still wants my dick. I got Season Tickets bro I can hit that whenever I want".
by Cristobal Marmol August 16, 2010
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Generally considered to be the male in a friends with benefits or fuck buddy relationship. A season ticket holder has a year round, infinite supply of season tickets and a complete sexual grip both mentally and physically around his female counterpart.
Rupert: "So you can really fuck her whenever you want? She's so hot."

Carlos: "Haha you have no idea. I'm a Season Ticket Holder bro, this chick loves me".

Rupert: "I wish I had season tickets with Christina..."
by Cristobal Marmol August 16, 2010
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A term used to describe a lesbian. Fans of the WNBA are women who are predominately gay
She`s not into guys, she is a season ticket holder for the N.Y. Liberty
by Cantwork August 21, 2006
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Ugly fat goths who wear black steel toe cap boots b like to stand on small animals heads and sit in there room playing cod drinking monster energy or the original rockstar
by I'm not a goth February 16, 2018
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