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SearchLock is a search engine and browser extension that protects your web searches from being tracked while you search the Internet.

SearchLock is a search engine that is designed to block unwanted prying when you use the major search engines like Bing, and Google. SearchLock has a web browser extension that works with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers, keeping your personal information safe and out of the hands of unauthorized people.
Most search engines track your searches and store your search history in such a way that they can be connected with your name and other personal data. SearchLock acts as a shield between you and companies who intend to track you. The SearchLock extension detects when your search queries or keystrokes are headed towards a search engine that will track you, then intercepts them and redirects your queries to SearchLock’s privacy-enhanced search results page before you are tracked.
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by searchlock February 27, 2018
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