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A Seano Award is given when someone does something childish and or stupid that causes grief to others. Commonly handed out in World of Warcraft (at least in our guild) to morons that wipe raids due to stupidity or just plain screwing around. A Seano Award is given (in World of Warcraft) by mailing someone 1 copper with the tagline of Here's your Seano Award. In real life you could give someone a penny with a note attached saying the same thing.
Someone you work with, who knows their job well, does something horrendously stupid that costs your company alot of money, time, etc. Everyone is pissed off because of this. That's right, it's time for a Seano Award. Give that poor fol a penny with the tag "Here's your Seano Award" and let them ponder that one for a bit. In World of Warcraft it's handed out to players who do stupid things or just act like complete idiots.
by Mike Slats October 28, 2006
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