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sexy, hot, sarcastic, sweet, hella amazing guy. Everyone wants a Sean O'Malley. Once a Sean O'Malley sees what he wants, he goes after it, he's hooked. Sean O'Malley's know exactly how to shut you up, and then brighten your day. Sean O'Malley's tend to have nice blue/green eyes and just the perfect smile. Sean O'Malley's also tend to go far in sports, especially football. A Sean O'Malley is unpredictable!
"Who is THAT?!"

"THAT is THE Sean O'Malley."


"No, Kristina's got him wrapped around her finger!"

"Lucky her, I need a Sean O'Malley."


"Did you hear how that guy pulled a Sean O'Malley?"

"A Sean O'Malley?! NO!!! Not a Sean O'Malley!"

"Yes, he got out of his car, got on top of it and started stripping. Then he did a toe touch off of it and landed on the side walk and started getting it on with the light pole."

"He didn't!"

"He did!"
by stinamazazing June 04, 2009
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