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Lead singer and guitarist of the band Reeve Oliver, and current bassist/backup vocals of the band Yellowcard. He joined Yellowcard in summer 2010 for their reunion after a 2 year hiatus. During the hiatus him and Yellowcard frontman Ryan Key formed a side project band called Big If in which Sean was co lead singer. He also used to be in a band called Dogwood but left because he felt the songs he wrote didn't fit the band's style
Dude I'm listening to Reeve Oliver

what's a Reeve Oliver?

The new Yellowcard bassist Sean O'donnell's old band!
by ThatOneChick96 January 03, 2012
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A fucking hot tumblr boy. You are most likely to wet yourself just staring at his amazing bone structure and ridiculously ripped body. His voice is weirdly attractive despite being super deep, and he is the definition of the perfect boyfriend.
Sean O'Donnell is the hottest tumblr boy!
by bbbrrrroooowwnnnnn March 29, 2016
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