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The most dangerous creature known to man. It is a falcon that lives in the sea with a 8000 foot wing span, gills, and a fin. It can breath fire and shot laser out of its eyes. The Sea Falcons favorite food is kittens, lambs, babies, and humans. There is no such thing as night, just sea falcons flying. If anyone ever tells you that they have seen a sea falcon they are lying because they would be dead, the sea falcon sees you before you see it. The only way to kill a sea falcon is a gold bullet to a heart, but the catch is that they don't have hearts. The only other way to kill one is to make it listen to the entire Bleed America album by the band Jimmy Eat World, this has never been done.
Holy shit I think that up there in the sky is a Sea Falcon ahhhhh.
by Nathan, the sex god, Matthews February 19, 2009
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