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The act of waking up a sleeping friend by smearing chunky peanut butter on one's scrotile sack, then frosting the peanut butter covered sack in beach sand.
The scrotile sack along with the penis is then pulled back and tucked behind the legs, underneath the buttocks. Then a subtle goat noise is made while backing up slowly toward the sleeping friend's face.
Dude 1: hey! Dude2 is sleeping. How should we wake him up?
Dude 3: grab some peanut butter and beach sand and let's sea goat him!
Dude 1: you have to use chunky peanut butter!
by AnittaSchauer February 01, 2014
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1) A goat that prefers to swim in the water with flippers, snorkel, scuba mask and wet suit over living on the farm.
2) A hideously unattractive woman who's residence is either above a dive bar, or in the dive bar itself; seagoats are often accompanied by warts, missing/blackened teeth, flabby and greasy skin, drip drop tits, and a pussy that would cause a man to contemplate suicide if he were to view it
After seeing the drunk seagoat sprawled out naked on the bathroom floor, Ted decided at that moment that it was time to die.
by El Guy November 18, 2005
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A highly unattractive woman, beastly in proportion. Wears name brand clothes and comfy pants. Can usually be found rolling around on a floor. Uses text messaging abreviations in place of normal conversation.

Seagoats are known to participate in illegal and sexual acts at a young age.
"That chick is a total Seagoat. Did you see her rolling on the floor?"
"Yeah, she almost gave me a handjob."
by Totes McSeagoats April 29, 2010
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