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Scruff Crums appear in the scruff of a bearded man (or manly woman). They appear in cases of men eating crumbly food, in which case the crums fall into the beard. The beard being a warm and delicate area on the male body, the food stays moist and preserved. And can be edible for months after it had fallen into the scruff. In the case of beverages, beer and milk can also appear in the scruff and will marinate and season the crums.

In which case a feast is upon us.
man1: "man im so hungry"
man2: "don't worry, i got some left over scruff crums you can have"
man1: "u had any beer lately"
man2: "plenty"
man1: "oh boy, im soo keen"
by Chumscruff October 19, 2009
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