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Having a screamer is where you scream very highly upon climax. Often found to be nicer in echoey tunnels and/or cave systems. Can be referred to as a screamer/scream jerkin'
'I only have scream wanks.' - Ross Hornby
'Are you having a scream wank?' - Alex Smith
by Sewell - A True Hatter February 10, 2015
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Masturbation where at the point of climax you give an unholy yell. Most likely completed when spouse/parent is not at home and you can scream your balls off in peace. Everyone's scream wank is different and unique. However, it often sounds like a mixture of pleasure and terror. Also called a screamer.
I was driving home one night and I felt the urge to pull over and have a wank, I left my wife in the car and walked away to tug under the bridge. The wank was going well but as i orgasmed i let out a large bellow that echoed throughout the area. I had scream wanked, where you scream at the point of climax. I got back to the car embarrassed and my wife uttered "What was that?" "That was a screamer" I replied with shame in my voice but joy in my eyes.
by joeking January 21, 2015
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