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To become blackout drunk while tracking sea gull doodie in efforts to win a bet that none of his buddies will pay, then get dressed up in a Kmart suit and proceed to lose your life savings at the casino like Nicholas Cage in "Leaving LasVegas" while trying to convince your girlfriend "I'm really under control". Finally fumble around the Mexican Resturant until someone takes you home, then get a ride with a nieghbor to pick up your truck in the morning like a little bitch.
Man, I don't know what happened, I had a couple draft beers and got all Schuck'ed Out, and know I'm just a lazy fajita smelling piece of shit!
by Scott Schuck May 14, 2008
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To have the best time of your life and have everyone else be jealous that they can't get there.
Scotty is so lucky he can get schucked out whenever he wants. I wish I had his life.
by Schucked Out May 09, 2008
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