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This school blows. If you are thinking about going here............... don't! My roommate once said " I think this was the worst mistake I ever made."(speaking of his choice to attend Schreiner). Schreiner's girl to boy ratio may be 2:1 but the ratio of hot girls to boys is more like 1:50
Drake: I'm going to Schreiner University next fall!!1
Jordan: Awww man that blows
by TitsMcGee189 February 03, 2010
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a small university located in Kerrville, texas. most kids go here because they gave them alot of money. schreiner likes to think they are prestigious, but really they have alot of dirty laundry swept under the rug, if you know what i mean. schreiner is kind of like high school. people know your shit, and tell everyone; there are sluts; and kids who do drugs. schreiner also has amazing pizza in the schreiner diner they are good at getting people here but not at keeping them here. also, they have a haunted dorm that su gets bad publicity about. they are using it for "office space" in the near future...yeah, right..
mommy, i want to go to schreiner university when i get big! i love ghosts and gossip!!
by come2papa12 October 22, 2008
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