When you feel a rumbling in your rectum but you'll never know if it's a fart or a poo until you "open the box" by which time the death mass has already been released. Thus, it exemplifies the graceful paradox of the traditional Schrödinger's Cat, yet manages at the same time to make it more accessible to the common person.
1. In order to fart you need to eat, but once you eat you might need to poo instead, so you never can be sure whether you're going to want to fart or poo. This is an eloquent summary of the tragic human condition which can be abbreviated to "Schrödinger's crap".

2. I can't decide whether I want to go to see Harry Potter or Casino Royale. I'll probably know after I sit down in the theater. It's a Schrödinger's crap.
by gig4ls September 11, 2009
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