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A person who is severly defeated in competition that is left to be heckled like a child for their lack of skills.
I worked Hicks on Madden '07 like a school-yard bitch. I hung 60 points on him.
by Roger Romero February 18, 2007
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Definition 1: Someone, usually in elementary school, who insults others, will exclude them from their games, etc.

Definition 2: Someone who takes it up the ass in a schoolyard. These people are usually identifiable by their hard grip on the chain link fence and their excessive screaming.
Example 1: Piss off Tommy, you don't even know the rules to soggy biscuit!

"Stop being such a schoolyard bitch, Ralph"

Example 2: I hear Esmerelda is willing to be the schoolyard bitch this week for 5 bucks.
by JohnnyTest69 October 09, 2016
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1. Someone in elementary school who will exclude you from their games and activities.

2. Someone who gives themselves up on a schoolyard.
1. "No, you can't play tag with us Tommy! We don't like you." "Stop being such a schoolyard bitch Brad."

2. I heard Jill snuck onto the schoolyard last night and was willing to be the schoolyard bitch for 5 bucks a pop.
by JohnnyTest69 October 06, 2016
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