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The coolest of the cool. Scenester kid who loves, breathes and showers in the scene. The bigger the trend, the bigger the scene bag. A synonym of homeless chic. Many look up to such celebrity scene bags as The Olsen Twins (post Danny Tanner's lap), that fat kid who's dad is Ozzy Ozborne and Lindsay Lohan (the Lesbian version). Scene bags can be found at revamped bars and clubs with expensive lame-o drinks, most ride their bike with those stupid 80's white painter hats and pretend that they are reading JD Salinger...but they really can't read. They are too busy trying to look like they don't care and that those ripped up stockings just came like that.
Dude, check that kid out in the lavendar skinny jeans from American Apparel. He is such a scene bag.
by SBforLIFE August 07, 2009
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