A person who dresses in the "scene style" category usually wears:

- Skinny Jeans
- Vans
- Converse (Low or High Top)
- Brightly Colored Shirts in Prints such as Zebra, Cheetah, or other Animal Prints
- Lots of thick liquid eyeliner, usually in the cat eye style
- Sometimes wear ballerina skirts over their jeans
- Some model
- Most wear layered clothes
- Some wear Hollister clothing
- Many wear big, bright sweatshirts
- Wear Ray Ban Sunlasses or Urban Outfitters sunglasses
- Most have extensions in their hair
- Some wear white belts
- Many wear small clips you can buy at Claire's in the little girl section
- Usually like band such as "The Devil Wears Prada" or "Alice in Videoland"
- Dye their hair a lot
- Most have a lip piercing or snake bites and gauges
- Multicolored hair with many layers that is teased in the back
- Wear Shirts with Transformers, Food, or something in that category
- Bone Straight hair
SceneGirl: Hey gorgeous, let's go to the mall later.
SceneBoy: Okay, I have to finish my hair first.
SceneGirl: Fosho. I need to work on my scene style. Since I have a on of moneywe should go spend some of it.
SceneBoy: kbi
SceneGirl: kk peace
by Taylor[CCE] July 11, 2008
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