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Useless Faggots who think they are cool because they go to every hxc rock show and see local bands that suck. The kind of people who think are so origonal when really they look exactly like the kid in the throw down pit. And they think it's cute when they have four different colors of hair. These are the type of faggots who wallow in self-pity and look for attention by adding the hottest scene kid you can find on myspace. Also by taking ugly picture from bad angles and think that there "photography" is good. Grow up, please.
KateyyKutThroattz- OMGZZ HardcoreHaley! We get to go see WE THE KINGS when they come to town!

HardCorexxHaley- LMFAO,:DD Yezz! Finally, but we hasss to die our hurr yellow, blue and black so theyzz think we're cutiezzzzz.

KateyyKutThroattz- We're such Scene Faggs!! x
by CaptainSkrillex July 10, 2008
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