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Basically it's a woman who is so spiteful she ruins people's lives with slander and derogatory comments that leave a negative impression on anyone around her. She's the type of woman who hides in anonimity, anomosity, and adultry.

She gets all up on people's business and is very secretive about her own. She loves to be around other guys who are dickbags injecteded with strepto. She never has anything nice to say. She goes out of her way to sabbatoge people's jobs to make a person appear sad and pathetic. Names synonymous to this are Amy, Amanda, and Allison or Stacy,Lacy, Tracy.
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What a Scarlet Letter to the Power of Three!
Definition: Scarlet Letter Cubed: Adjetive Meaning a very spiteful, decietful, ill willed individual.
by LittleLamb777 June 11, 2018
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