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1b. Satan, The Great Devourer, the Beast of the Bottomless Pit.

Referenced in the popular SCPs 231, 2317 and 3838, and 20-1000 minor tales.

Weakened by multiple things relating to the number seven.

Servants are Dr. Wilson of Site-23 (cuz hes a dumbass lol geddit), Moloch, Lord Goran, many satanist cults most famous being the Children of the Scarlet King, Jeser the Prince of Many Faces, the Hanged King of Alagadda, SCP-3838-8 and SCP 682, and the biggest followers of him of all, subscribers to r/okbuddyretard and goths, especially goth girls.

1b. Dr. Wilson from Site-23's waifu.
1a. The Scarlet King is quite evil.

1b. Dr. Wilson you bitch you got my coffee wrong again. Your waifu the Scarlet King should dump you soon.
by DrWilsonIsGae September 08, 2019
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