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Scapulation dumping refers to the process of dumping scapula’s. Little is known about Scapula’s (from the latin word Scapulaiincredabilous) except that they are found at incredible depths within the worlds oceans. It is within their home environment that they creep and crawl over the ocean floors gathering the bubbles from shark farts.

Deep sea trawlers net the scapulas, extract the shark farts and encapsulate them in a vat of spirits which are ultimately sold to the manufacturers of spirit levels and used for the bubbles found within those levels.
Extreme caution must be applied throughout the action to avoid the shark farts entering the seamen’s blood stream and causing “the bends”.

The Scapula’s are not harmed during the process and are dumped back into the sea once their valuable cargo’s are extracted hence the expression “scapulation dumping”.

Prof J.S. Miller
Scapulation Dumping refers to dumping scapula's and is associated with production of Pioneer Brickies Levels
by Ormbo January 22, 2008
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