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The Scandinavian Double-Team is a complex sexual position that involves two men, a woman and a bunkbed. One man lies on his back on the bottom bunk while the other lies on his stomach on the top bunk. The woman gets on top of the man on the bottom bunk in the cowgirl position. A hole is cut in the top mattress, creating a glory hole effect, so that the man on top can receive a bj. The men then grab each other's arms and thrust violently, great pleasure for the men and the woman. The act finishes with a creampie/facial combo.
John: Dude, did you hear about what Stu and I did last night?

Mike: No what happened?!

John: We gave that nasty bitch from the other night the Scandinavian Double-Team! Shes gonna be sore for weeks!
by tiny twanger October 09, 2011
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