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When being late just doesn't cut it. Sawyer late is when your mate says he'll be ready by a certain time, and is clearly lying to you.

Sawyer late can be upwards of 2 hours after the advertised time, blowing the casually late idea right out the window.

I'd like to thank my mate Sawyer for all his lateness.
Me: Now then Sawyer, you fancy going to the pub tonight mate?
Sawyer: Now mate, yeah why not. What time are we setting off?
Me: We're meeting everyone down there at 7.30 mate
Sawyer: Ok bud, I'll call for you then and we'll walk down.

2 hours laters...

Me - Txt message: OMG Sawyer where the fuck are you?
Sawyer: Sorry mate, i needed a shit.

Now thats Sawyer late!
by Daniel Ord December 01, 2007
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