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the fifth installment of the Saw franchise; one of the best movies of the series. It picks up right where Saw III-IV left off. this is also where agent Peter Strahm and Mark Hoffman begin to have greater roles. Many people have mixed feelings on this movie: they either love it or hate it. Also, a strong, reoccurring theme is seen: the use of the "eff" word.
1) "Dude, did you see Saw V last night?"
"I hated it."
"I fucking loved it!"

2)"You didn't see the blood! You didn't see what the fuck he did to her!"

"On a gurney, with a fucking hole on my throat!"

"I've been chasing Jigsaw from the beginning, and I got him. So unless you've got something else to say... back the fuck off. "
by Hoffperson March 25, 2010
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