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A homeosexual act whereby a man compresses the penis (sausage) of another man, restricting the flow of semen.

The throttling of the penis is usually performed by the gay's hands, mouth or ass cheeks. Other appliances such as a vice or clamp have been known to be used,and in one such extreme case a boa constrictor snake was used in Dudley Zoo
"Sebastian throttled my sausage so hard last night that when he released his grip I showered his face in cum"

"Sethe throttled my sausage with his ass cheeks, when he finally released semen exploded from my cock rocketing him 10 foot into the air with cum spuing from his ass"

"The pope is the most amazing sausage throttler, some say he has an iron grip that can prevent ejaculation, no wonder he banned contraception"

Robins cock flayled around like a worm cut in half. Batman instinctively throttled Robin's sausage with such tremendous force that Robin developed a hemorrhage
by The not so holy pope March 02, 2009
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