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Satelited remote hacking of the computer is a new level of computer intrusion. It is a wireless air-born connection that attacks your computer physically, freezing it up, and overtaking your programs, folder and can
corrupt,damage and hijack your programs from a nearby remote location. EVEN IF YOUR COMPUTER IS NOT ON A LIVE INTERNET CONNECTION.
This is an explanation of "Satiellited remote hacking of the computer".You are on your Windows based PC at home, and are working on your word processor writing to your bank or credit card company.Your neighbor,who stole your mail & defrauded your credit cards, can remote into your home computer while you are on it,hijack a copy of the document you just typed, without coming to your door and or using the internet. It's a military grade software. In addition, there are other features where as a person with the remoted software, can assault you with an electric shock while you are sitting at table in a coffee shop, and they have brought their laptop computer to use there. An electrical shock airborne, can strike you & ZAP you electrically from the software in his computer.You do not have to be on the internet for this to occur. Only to have your computer turned on and or your body within the established range of the assault computer.
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