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1: the act of using artificial or natural lubricant in between a females feet and placing an erected penis in between them, thrusting in and out. (otherwise known as the foot fuck but slightly differentiates) the modern day foot fuck lays at the females discretion. The Saskatchewan Sprinkler is the finishing of the foot fuck letting the semen spray in a sprinkler like motion. In order for it to be a true Saskatchewan Sprinkler the male has to make a sprinkler like sound while ejaculating on his female counterpart.
-can also be used in past tense. (Saskatchewan Sprinkler'ed)
chad: Bro i straight up Saskatchewan Sprinkler'ed my girlfriend last night. It was soo legit she asked if i was watering the lawn!

Brian: Bro you didn't!!!? cool.

chad: yess i did! and then she said: oooohh... your nailing by!
by Brochill7nattylightgamecube April 25, 2010
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