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Some one who only asserts her knowledge of people to gossip and not factual life. Very talkative know it all that realy gets on many peoples nerves. Has been known to be the middle section of "The man sandwich" and personaly, I could realy care less, what these type of jugemental narcacists, that create a common threat to peace and friendships, has to say about any area of life. Has to be the center of attention and involved in nothing it talks about in a harmonious, but anoying way, to draw a crowd instead of support the feeling of others in an uplifting manner. A real backstaber. Would be the first nark on a friend and realy stuck up to people they concider below them. These types of people have probably done way too many drugs and have pre mature gray in thier hair from the early stage grandma senilaty syndrome they currantly suffer from. thier worn out gossip queens that bore me to death.
I was talking with Sarhara Desert the other day and It occured to me how mean she was to people back in the day. I remember her waving peoply by like they were not good enough to say hello to her. That type of personality ranks pritty low on the totum of someone I would like to associate with.

These types end up with Johns because everyone knows they use services of prostitutes and government propaganda to fuel thier BS for drama. As a person who has dealt with the john doe type. i feel it is nessasary two kill two birds with one stone. Male or female version of the Conceted, sold, worn, and now sounded out!
by the realdealchick! November 15, 2009
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