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A small, insignificant little shithole town on the side of Interstate 40 in New Mexico. Here you can be greeted by a wide variety of rundown hotels, gas stations, and trailer parks. The city is known as the city of "Natural Cesspools." The local populace revolves around the talentless and retarded high school football team.

The local population worships and provides frequent human sacrifices of newborn infants to their "Park Lake" (this is also to encourage tourism, without which the people would go without food for lack of fast-food-eateries). The population has found a feasible way to meet the demand of these sacrifices by turning to the female teenagers of the ancient High School to crap out babies like nobodies business.
As a side-note, most inhabitants wish to be born of African-American decent (and speak as Tyler-Perry rejects to satisfy this fantasy)
also see shit, gay, poophole, Lesbians, shiny things, anus, conceded, FOOTBALL!!!!!

If passing through New Mexico and along route 66 and you come to a sign that reads "Santa Rosa", it is advised to quickly roll up your window as to avoid filling your lungs with noxious gas (turn off your gaydar as it may explode from overloading).
Tourist one: "Look honey!.... a lake!"
Tourist two: "What's that floating there in the distance?"
Tourist one: "What is it?"
Tourist two: "I believe its..."
Tourist one: "A what dear?"
Tourist two: "Well I believe It's a stink pickle"
Tourist one: "Santa Rosa, New Mexico is so lovely"
by happywhiteguy October 16, 2009
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