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1. Verb. The act of gifting one's self pleasure through stimulation of a banana peel rubbed on the penis.
2. Noun. A homosexual who dresses in skinny jeans and combs over their hair to replicate Hitler's apperence. 9 out of 10 times, their penis length is 2 inches.
3. verb. To shave another guys pubes for joy.
4. Verb. To have under a 65 average in Algerbra class.

1. Man, I just walked in on my roommate and he was sankoing. I think he's gay.
2. I was walking down the street and saw alot of sankos comparing their 2 inch penises.
3. Anthony was sankoing that guy over there. He had a smile on his face too.
4. Aw shit! I have a sanko average in algerbra class!
by john rambo:First Blood Part I January 20, 2009
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