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When one's usage of cocaine has become a daily supplement and/or a form of constant nourishment. Often referred to simply as "the diet" amongst close groups of cocaine using friend.
1) Travis looks like he's on the Sandy D Diet.
2) Hey, let's go upstairs and do the Diet!
3) I just did a line of the diet and I'm good to go to the beach now.
4) Thomas, you got some of the diet on your nose.
5) John, you're on the diet right? AND YOU DIDN'T GIVE ME ANY! You're a greedy bitch! Fine! I'm gonna get some and do the diet myself! Nah bitch, I don't give a fuck if you feel fat. I know we going to pride and you gonna be on a float, but fuck that shit! You should have thought about that shit before you did the diet by yourself. Now look at your fat feeling ass!
by OWTFDWIT November 06, 2007
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