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Sand moograer(Moo-gray-e-r)
1.Literaly-One who partakes in moograing sand or sand-like substances.
2.Figuritivly-A term used to define dirty sand nigger, sand monkeys, arabs, middleeasterners, sand dwellers.
1. Br**n what are you doing with that bomb!?! Don't be such a sand moograer!
2.J*f*r you are such a sand moograer.
3.Nigga, V*g*l, stop sand moograeing that couch! Damn son.
4.That fewls a definite sand moograer, did you see that pip bomb of his?
5.J*f*r's such a sand mooraer that he tried blowing up our website.
by A guy named Kow July 12, 2006
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