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One of the 10 original Major League Soccer Teams in 1996. They won the first ever MLS game against the D.C. United off Eric Wynalda's goal in the 88th minute off a Ben Iroha pass.

San Jose had a horrible first few seasons namely 1997-2000. Despite having some great players in those years they couldn't pull it together.

San Jose 97-99 were known as the New England Revolution Stock Room. Robert Kraft would use the Clash as a stock holding room for talent he wanted on his big boy club the New England Revolution, who also had little success.
In 2006, MLS Fucked San Jose in the ass and moved the team to Houston. (HAHA FUCK YOU SAN JOSE).
The first season they were in Houston, the team won a championship, only to win it again in 2007.
San Jose Fans have continued to whine to this day, despite being given a team again in 2008.
On the BigSoccer forums, the Earthquakes sub-forum is notorious for being one of the biggest crybaby fests. They constantly bitch about players, coaching decisions, the Houston Dynamo and everything under the sun. Moderators KMJVet thinks he's a bad ass but he couldnt mod his way out of a paper bag. LA Fans hate Quakes Fans. San Jose fans were whining even when they had there original team.
San Jose Earthquakes are the greatest team in Major LEague Soccer History... yeah right

Don Garber: I hated San Jose Earthquakes, I wish we never gave them a team back.

All Houston Fans: HAHA! We stole your team. The San Jose Earthquakes.

The Ultras Support Group are a bunch of losers just like the San Jose Earthquakes. Riot Squad Bitch!
by DynamoFanTexasArmyMember November 29, 2009
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