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A town in the south of Orange County. It used to be a really cool low-key beach town. Now it is just a blingy place with a bunch of wanna-bes who are upsidedown in their mortgages. It is filled with botox hags/40 year old ex strippers/"cheerleaders" who are so worthless they can't even get a job. They sit around and scream at their wannabe surfer husbands because they can't make enough money to keep up with what they think is their "lifestyle." Some may or may not be swingers. The houses were build like crap in the early and mid two thousands. These bozos paid way too much for the houses and now they are stuck with homes they couldn't afford in the first place.
Walking through the mall I noticed 6 botox hags. They must be from San Clemente, California Wish they would put on more clothes I really don't want to look at them.
by tankerperson June 17, 2011
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