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Start out by renting a hotel room. Then, kidnap a midget and drug him, preferably with some roofies. If the roofies arent available, slam his head into a door. Be careful as to not have the doorknob hit him in the temple or it could cause instant death. With the midget unconscious, call a pimp and order a hooker. A black one with an attitude will work the best. When she gets to the room, make sure you are well hidden. As she walks in, hit her over the head with a hammer and knock her out. While she is out cold, penetrate all of her orifices a few times over. Bonus points are awarded if you can fuck her pussy, ass and mouth 3 times each, blowing a load each time, and having the hooker never awaken. Upon completion, tape a wooden nickle between her tits. Drag the midget into the room and drape his arm around her. Go outside and hide in the bushes and wait for the angry hooker to awaken. She will call her pimp in disgust. While the pimp is on the way, the midget should awaken. When the pimp arrives, he will have the hooker hold the midget while he plays hard ball with the midgets head. If done correctly, with one swing of the bat, the pimp will send the midgets head deep into the center of town, thus pulling off the San Jose Super Slugger.
Oh man Dean, the other night I did it, I pulled off a San Jose Super Slugger!
by captain commode October 10, 2009
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