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Samurai is a Japanese Company that is the strongest denim in the world. Its standard cut is at 15 oz per sq meter. Although they have now gone all the way up to 24. The higher the oz, the more stress the jeans are under on the loom. 15 oz itself is very very hard. 24 oz is near impossible.

The leather patch depicts an image of the famous duel between Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojirō in 1612 on a remote island in Japan. Musashi was the victor and is said to be the most skilled swordsman in history. He is also well
known for his writing of Go Rin No Sho or "Book of Five Rings". This is the image commonly found on most Samurai models. Most versons also includes a full moon
silhouette and Lot# 10, this number changes every year with this being Samurai's 10th production year.

Samurai is also a raw denim. It takes many months or years to get these broken into champions. Although Sam's are known for fading very nicely.
Fuck, this samurai denim is bullet proof!
by Stewy08 May 25, 2009
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