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The instance of waking up Saturday morning and having to wear your clothes from Friday. Normally occurs after a drunken evening when you wake up in a place that is not your home. Most often used when you need to go somewhere or do something on Saturday that is vastly different than Friday's activities. Less popular but more awkward relatives are Same Clothes Monday and the deadly Same Clothes Thursday.
It's probably best to wear shorts and cleats for next weeks pickup soccer match.

Sorry for the skirt and heels, captain, it's Same Clothes Saturday. After work, the other partners and I went out for happy hour and all of a sudden, the sun was coming up. But I'm ready for kickoff!


I don't know if your fishnet stockings and Madonna bra are appropriate for the church bake sale.

Sorry Sister Mary Katherine, it's Same Clothes Saturday. I didn't have time to go home and change after last nights rave.
by catrenegade September 03, 2010
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by Black_berry September 13, 2018
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