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The most amazing and sexy beautiful person you will ever meet. beautiful dirty blonde/brown hair, amazing gorgeous eyes. All boys will encounter her and love her but only a lucky few will date her. She is a bad girl but pulls it off just right. She is funny, nice and the most AMAZING girl you will EVER meet. You want to be friends with a samantha stair. She has the most slim and beautiful body, and she is very nice. Samantha Stairs are very popular and witty and they can outsmart anyone in a second. She defeats mean girls like nothing ever happened and walk off talking to her friends. Everyone wants to be like her, but no one can pull it off. She is brave and fearless and has many personalities and loves the brightest blues and greens.she thinks good, positive thoughts, destroys anyone thats mean or gets in the way of her happiness by there weakness. You get weak around her. You will want to be perfect around her. You want to be a samantha stair.
guy 1: Who is that beautiful girl and who are all those boys trying to talk to her?
guy 2: Thats my crush and her fanboys, Samantha Stair
by Yaaasss slay homies February 27, 2017
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