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likes big butts and he cannot lie, he loves that shit all day night, he is that pimp daddy smalls that every girl wants and all of them cannot have him, he is a pimp that is P_I_M_P he is a boss too that’s BOSS AS IN LONELY ISLAND MANG!!!! He is a B_O_S_S he’ll blackout in a sewer and fuck that giant fishes brains out, he’ll fuck that trout so hard, it’ll turn into a mother fucking flat ass flounder. He’ll tiddy tap dat shit so hard it’ll go flat and move upstream toward the next batch. Hungry for salt water and COCK!!! HE IS A PUSSY SHARK!
Danil: Yo dude check that bro out! (Russian voice)
Paul: Yeah that's a pussy shark.
Danil: SAY WHATTTTTT? (Russian voice)
Jon: Danil... It's Sam Gruchawka!
by TheFactor April 23, 2012
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