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When one is aggressive and defensive for no apparent reason and expresses these feelings like a small child. These feelings may be expressed through articulate yet confounding phrases that when listened to are often disorienting and slightly uncomfortable. Salty-Bullshit may be practiced against all of the following groups of individuals: loved ones, coworkers, one's boss, friends, and strangers. Salty-Bullshit is unpredictable by nature and may occur without a moment's notice. Beware.
Guy1: I really like your shirt
Guy2: Do you like my shirt because it's cooler than your shirt or because you hate everything about yourself. How does that make you feel?
Guy1: I mean, I guess it makes me feel bad.
Guy2: Yeah, you should feel bad - you’re stupid - and no one likes you.
Guy1: Damn dude, you really need to cool it with all the Salty Bullshit today.
by Chiefer Sutherland May 27, 2017
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