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(1)The launching of a load of semen, from a hotel balcony onto the unsuspecting sunbathers at the pool below.

(2)Also may be called a salty bird when a partner goes down to the ground level and waits with mouth open to receive the "meal", such as a baby bird would do.

OPTIONAL: Bird calls may be given before or during ejaculation to signal the event. Preferrably a loud crow like "KA KAW" to draw attention upward.
Dude, what a great pool party yesterday. I flew a salty bird onto that new hottie next door from Dave's balcony up on four.

Hey man, me and my girl stayed in some fancy hotel last weekend for her birthday. She got so hammered, she let me launch a salty bird to her from our patio.
by Manthorn March 03, 2009
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