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sawlt bey-bee
noun, plural –bies

Similar to the expression 'Gold Digger' but without the connotation of strictly being of the female gender, the Salt Baby is the receiver of gifts, favors, protection, and other forms of wealth from their benefactor, often referred to in common vernacular as the Sugar Daddy or Sugar Momma (or Sugar Parent in the genderless form). As opposed to the Gold Digger who, in a symbiotic manner, often trades sexual loyalty and the appearance of social prowess (see ‘Arm Candy’) to her Sugar Daddy, the Salt Baby/Sugar Parent relationship is often more parasitic in nature, with the Sugar Parent being in the loosing position (see ‘The Shitty End of the Stick”) of the arrangement.

The diction of the expression is derived from the approximate antonyms of the slang term ‘Sugar Daddy’ and ‘Sugar Momma, “baby” being a general opposite of “Mother” or “Father”, and “salt” being a commonly agreed upon antithesis of the word “sugar”, at least as far as descriptors of flavors are concerned.
“He’s been living with me for four months now, just smoking weed and playing video games all day instead of looking for a job, paying rent, or even doing chores. We barely even have sex anymore! If things don’t change soon, I’m going to have to ditch this SALT BABY for a respectable guy.”
by CaseyTheHun November 08, 2010
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