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Saint Leo University is located in Saint Leo, Florida. (yeah in the middle of nowhere) Saint Leo University aka SLU aka Leo Land is known for the sluty freshman.. and of course the upperclassmen who take advantage of this. Saint Leo had a beautiful campus with many gators in Lake Jovita.. and there are signs on campus that say "Please do not feed or molest the alligators" Back when the drinking age was 18 there was 3 bars on campus and was rated Top 10 in Playboys Party Schools... even though it is a catholic school.. there are several playboy videos shot throughout the campus. One of the prettiest places on campus and at night one of the best places to burn on campus!! Most the time when your down there other people will come to the lake doing the same thing!! Its always cool when you can go to Ralph's and see some of your teachers..
Most people have a love hate relationship with Saint Leo.. sometimes its called Saint Leo High School.
freshman girl: You can spell slut without SLU!!!!! Gotta love that Saint Leo University
sketch kid: Dude put that out someone's coming.
** people come into view**
chill kid: Oh word! Whats good bra?
other kid: Oh ya know, nothing.. chilllin**
chill kid: Yeah bra, same here
**everyone burns together**
sketch kid: Dude im so hungry.. penny meal?
student: Dude Saint Leo University is the shit!!
by Saint Leo October 06, 2011
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