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A Saharrah is a smart amazing funny goofy crazy nice shy timid hardworking and ambitious girl. They are highly intuitive and curious about the way the mind works. they are most likely to study a course in phsycology. Their love life is normally highly complicated, when viewed by somone who is not a saharrah. they normally dont show pda and are very shy among their S.O. if you see her and her bae you will never know by looking at her. She might not show her affection in public but she can be freaky in the bedroom. one thing about them is that they love hard. Most times a saharrah can be associated by a samuel corey dylan ryan james kyle john or a william. Her alter ego my strike as a taylor swift or a selena gomez. she is into romance/ comedy movies and novels. if you ask her she will probably say that high school was the best time of her life. she is not very good at breaking a guy's heart, most of her breakup lines come from google. Saharrah's are great loyal friends and lovers. if you have a saharrah you will be crazy to let her go.
guy 1: hey did you see saharrah and her boyfriend at the club last night
guy 2: that was her boyfriend i would 've never known
by sjc alma mater June 19, 2017
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