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A dude or dudette who is part of the sharp, creative workforce in the trendy Scottsdale, Arizona city. The saguaro cactus is his/her mascot because it is an icon of living in the desert where people cannot handle cold weather. Often seen wearing skinny jeans, a suit jacket, sunglasses, and carrying a laptop briefcase, the saguarbro (or gal) spends his/her free time checking out the newest foodie and entertainment spots in Old Town Scottsdale, taking a bike ride along the canal, or enjoying a morning hike. A saguarbro also says things like "no worries, its a dry heat" or "seriously, it was only 60 degrees out today so I had to bring a coat."
I am looking for a job in Scottsdale, let me reach out to my saguarbro for some connections.

That saguarbro is wearing gloves and its 65 degrees outside.

Did you see that saguarbro that just walked into that office? I think I saw her at the club on Saturday.
The local coffee house was filled with saguarbros on their laptops.
by Edward Scottsdale May 06, 2018
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