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A guy that has elements of being a sadboi AND a soyboy. He always cries and listens to some early 2000's emo band while saying "WHY DID SHE FUCKING LEAVE ME?!" at the same time getting drunk or high and wanting to kick everyones ass, but doesn't because he can't actually fight. He talks a lot of shit and is super two faced and when called out won't own up to anything. He fucks random people on tinder to get rid of the feelings for his ex and accidentally calls out her name during sex. He talks to chicks for like 2 days then blocks them randomly. He's sensitive because he writes poetry, but it's all about how high school was shit and how he hates his home town. He wants to travel and be well known, but he's stuck in some shitty retail job he's had for like 4 years. Usually in late 20's but acts like highschool never ended.
Girl 1: Hey how was your date with Nathan?
Girl 2: It sucked, he wouldn't shut up about his ex
Girl 1: Gross what a sadsoi
by urcupoftea June 16, 2018
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