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A unit of measurement, which can also be extrapolated to include "happies".

Sads are a level which highlight your level of dissappointment/ general unhappiness. Generally the scale is on a standard 1 - 5 rating system, where 1 is a low amount of sadness and 5 is the maximum amount of sadness for the current situation of which you are tryng the describe.

It can reach levels of infinate sadness if the current situation is to traumatising to comprehend.
The phrase Sad Scale comes from the adjective sad which means, adjective of feeling or showing sorrow; unhappy.

Example 1:
Housemate #1: "OH MY GOD!!! the WiFi is down, I'm 300 sads right now"
Housemate #2: "I know, how can I approve words on urban dictionary now"

Example 2:
Friend: "Will Smith just retweeted me, Im 10 Happies right now"
by Gazzardo March 03, 2015
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